Who’s In It To Pin It?

I’ve read (and believe) numerous pieces on how effective Pinterest is at driving new traffic to retailers (see compelling infographic via Monetate/Mashable).  In my day-to-day shopping, a few sites stood out as to where they placed the “Pin It” button on their product pages.  

First, props to One Kings Lane, who took the one-lane approach and singularly focused on sharing via Pinterest.  A “Pin It” button is placed prominently beneath each product, with large instructions “click “Pin It” to share this product on Pinterest”.  I admire their singular focus, not having users debate in their minds on how or where to share, but rather encouraging one clean action.

A more common approach (which I do also applaud) was represented by Gilt, Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman.  They offered the suite of social sharing options (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook) in a visible way.  Even if many people utilize the “Pin It” bookmarklet, having these buttons on their sites are a visual reminder of the various platforms where people want to place this content.

I must say – Nordstrom surprised me.  I’ve been impressed with their online efforts of late (they’re greatly increasing their e-commerce spend and commitment), yet was surprised to see that on their product detail pages, they offered all social sharing options but Pinterest.  They have a presence on Pinterest itself (14,500 followers and growing), so why not incorporate “Pin It” buttons within their e-comm site?  

Nordstrom wasn’t alone.  Bloomingdales and Saks also offered the option to Like on Facebook or Tweet, and Saks even offered Google+ … but the absence of the Pinterest button is apparent.


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