Why do stores bury the good stuff?

I am so accustomed to product images from Macys.com being straightforward, dare I say boring.

Standard Macys.com product page 

So, I was quite surprised today when reviewing my most recent sale alert when my eye was caught by doo.ri items from Macys shot with stylized backgrounds, models in a studio-like setting.  I visited Macys.com to check out the offering.  The doo.ri section was nearly impossible to find on Macys.com (and by the way, there are some adorable items!).  The one and only way I could navigate to this section was by typing “doo.ri” in the search box.
doo.ri capsule collection for Macys.com

When I discovered it was part of the Impulse department offerings, I navigated to that section, but was bewilderered that 1) doo.ri wasn’t even listed an Impulse brand on the left-nav, and 2) that the list of Impulse designer collaborations was not emphasized in a more focal way.
Impulse section at Macys.com

I then recalled/noticed that Alberta Feretti is another designer collaboration. Upon examination, I saw this one too included studio-like images, including one product shot for each item against a beautiful lifestyle background.
Alberta Ferretti capsule collection for Macys.com (product shot)

I was shocked that upon landing at the main macys.com site, that neither collection was prominently called-out.  I realize that the doo.ri capsule collection launched in February and Alberta Ferretti has been around since April, but nonetheless, these are exciting collaborations!  Messaging about these capsule collections was not apparent, and it didn’t seem that something else was so incredibly exciting (ie. huge sale messaging or other partnership) that this should be trumped.  The current Mother’s Day sale imagery and messaging was fairly lackluster in comparison.
Macys.com current homepage 

All in all, I am impressed by the recent Macys.com product collaborations and support with fun and eye-catching styling and photography…but why hide these elements on the site?  In my opinion, the retailer should continue to highlight these collaborations and promote them focally to maximize the exposure and excitement, regardless of whether they are brand new, or have been around for a bit.

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