Madewell builds intrigue and local spin as they head across the USA

Madewell (a brand/store/concept owned by J.Crew) is taking efforts to connect with users all over the nation in what I consider an innovative approach.

Yesterday, I received the below email — detailed enough I felt it was relevant, but cryptic enough to make me curious and click.  After all, everyone loves a party and the idea that the details of where/when weren’t revealed definitely built anticipation:


Clicking through took me to their Facebook page that showed me a Madewell airstream trailer that’s making a cross-country trip across the US.  I wasn’t yet a fan of Madewell, but this convinced me to “Like” them.  After all, I wanted to know more!



Today, from one of my email addresses (associated with New York), I got the below email with the subject line “Hey NYC, get styled this Thursday”.  It highlights an event at the 5th avenue store.   I’m also signed up for their list with a San Francisco zip code.  I received a very similar looking email, but instead of emphasizing an in-person event, it highlights how to participate virtually via Facebook.


Seen above: The left email was targeted to New York with the subject line “Hey NYC, get styled this Thursday” .

The right was for users not in one of the specified geographies with the subject line “It’s our first ever styling party…and you’re invited”.

When you click through either email, it takes you to their Facebook page with an overall visual of the campaign. 


If you then click to see their Events tab, you’ll see that they are hosting similar events in ~20 markets nationwide this Thursday night, with a few hundred people attending each event.  Their Soho store has 2,000+ RSVPs and 5th Avenue has 800+ so far.


In general, I’m skeptical when it comes to events as to what the pay-off or return on investment is.  But, I do think events can help generate loyalty from a targeted audience.  I was impressed that Madewell seems to have found a way to take this concept beyond a single store, and have multiple events in their stores the same evening, along with a way for their shoppers that aren’t in the specified geographies to participate.  I don’t know how well it will pay off financially in the immediate term, nor from my research does it seem that this generated a large quantitative volume of new “likes” or tweets, but it did lead me to have more positive associations with the brand that will likely last over time, which I think should be the purpose of events in general.  (I should note that I’m not attending the event myself but still have these feelings).  It’s also a FUN concept!

Overall, this campaign did a great job of teasing the readers with enough info to make you want to know more, and generates an excited emotion that they’re inviting shoppers to be part of something “insider-ish” as they make their way across the USA.  Kudos to Madewell!


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