Creative Bridal Footwear: UGG, TOMS, and Puma

Refinery29 this week covered the launch of a new line of footwear for brides from UGG.  “Uggly” in my opinion!


Coming across this was funny timing though, as I just went to a wedding last weekend where the bride (my very good friend Amy) was creative with her footwear choice.  She first wore beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes to the wedding ceremony and pictures, but for the reception, she changed into sparkly TOMS so she could dance the night away!  You can see a peek of them in the photo below.  Much more chic than the UGGs above!

sparkly toms

Similarly, a few years back, another very good friend of mine, Georgi, bedazzled and added platforms to Puma sneakers so she too could dance to her heart’s content throughout the night (and have a few extra inches sans heels, seeing that she’s under 5’0″).  Both of these women knew that comfort was important, and with dresses so long/full it’s rare that the shoes are even seen!


I was impressed that both of my friends took unique measures to find comfortable footwear for under their dresses (I personally wore my heels all night, which didn’t bother me amidst the excitement but can then vividly remember them to our hotel room at the end of the evening with feet in utter pain). Seems that Ugg is acknowledging there may be a broader market for this.  Has anyone seen other creative solutions to wedding footwear that brides can wear all night long?


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