Rise of the Fall Preview Sale?

I excitedly paged through the Nordstrom Anniversary catalog mailer that arrived last week, promoting their Anniversary sale which begins July 20.  Beginning that day, lots of fall merchandise is marked down, and will then return to regular price on August 6th.  Each year, it’s a great opportunity to buy boots, bags, jackets, and other fall necessities.  While it can be challenging to get in the fall spirit when it’s 90 degree+ weather outside here in NYC, something about shopping for the upcoming season is always emotionally thrilling.  I already have my eyes on the Botkier Valentina satchel and some Coach boots.


I noticed that Nordstrom isn’t alone this year in holding a fall preview sale. Piperlime held an early Fall shoe preview sale last week, following a similar model – mark fall items down to build excitement, and then bring them back to regular price for the core of the shopping season.  Early bird gets the worm!


Has anyone seen other retailers holding early fall preview sales?  A quick Google search looks like it’s mostly physical malls and outlet centers holding in-person preview events. I’m wondering if fall preview sales will become a trend, and if baking markdowns into the calendar early makes financial sense, or whether the shoppers who buy ahead of season are less price-sensitive and this isn’t worthwhile.

Funny enough, after writing this entry and having it ready to post today, I also received an email this morning from Timehop, a service I use that emails you your tweets/status updates from one year ago.  On July 18th last year, I tweeted the below:


I guess it’s that time of year!


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