Gap Inc. beta tests “Find In Store” functionality

Looks like the Gap Inc. brands are piloting “Find in Store” functionality.  I just noticed this on their site last week.


See “Find In Store – Beta” button underneath “Add To Bag” (click to enlarge)

For now, it seems this feature is restricted to information-gathering only. Once you click the “Find in Store” button, there’s the option to enter your zipcode and it then shows you which stores have that inventory available in your size. However, as of right now, you cannot put an item on hold at the store, or purchase/pay for it online and have the store keep it for you (like Nordstrom offers).


After entering zipcode and size, see the stores that have that item in stock (click to enlarge)

I’m guessing this is a first step toward a more robust “find in store” functionality.  Seems they’ve integrated their online/offline inventory systems which is an important starting place. If Gap Inc. demonstrates enough appetite for this feature (if they see a significant # of users utilizing this functionality), then they’d likely build out the fulfillment aspects so individuals can purchase and pick up from any store.

Makes sense from a lean start-up methodology to try to assess whether the demand is there before fully building out the feature set.  I’m excited to see how this evolves, and would wager that we’ll see this introduced with the e-commerce functionality build in at some point this year.  Online/offline integration is bound to only be more prevalent and seamless in the future.


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