E-tailers react quickly to iphone 5 announcement

Yesterday was the official announcement by Apple of the iphone 5, including new dimensions and features.  I was impressed with a few e-commerce retailers who reacted quickly and sent communications of their own the same day, highlighting products/accessories related to the new iphone 5 device.  Nordstrom offered an entire selection of cases available for pre-order (delivery is slated for mid-October), and Fab.com announced a partnership with Quirky where consumers can submit ideas for accessories and the winners’ designs will be sold via Fab.com.

subject: Pre-order a Case for Your iPhone 5 Now


subject: Phone 5 Accessories – Designed By You, Only on Fab, By Quirky


Overall, what stood out to me is the quickness and agility with which these retailers reacted to the Apple announcement. Yes, it was known for a while the announcement was coming, and highly anticipated as to what exactly would be announced, but to coordinate and get an email to customers out the door the same day, taking advantage of extra hype and attention on the news was impressive.