In-Store Discounts, Today Only

I received two emails this morning within hours of one another, each promoting discounts for in-store purchases, today only.  Both LOFT and Banana Republic served up these offers to my inbox.  I had a few hypotheses on why this may be:

– Retailers are trying to drive mid-week sales to their physical locations on typically slower traffic days

– The end of October is quickly approaching (which is when retailers report monthly sales, and also end of October is typically when retailers close their books for fiscal third quarter).  This means there may be even more emphasis/urgency around driving comp store sales

– Sheer coincidence?!

Anyone else seen promotions for mid-week discounts, only redeemable in stores (not online)?  Have theories on the “why” behind this?

Subject line: 50% off EVERYTHING (in stores only)



Subject line: Today only: 40% off in stores.



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