LOFT Enhances Product Reviews

Looks like LOFT is updating/showcasing their peer-generated product reviews in a much bigger way.  I received an email today with a promotion where you can enter to win $1,000 by writing a product review.


Seems they have made this aspect of their site more prominent, and bulked up the number of reviews recently. I couldn’t honestly recall if they always had reviews on their site or not, but the earliest I could find a review from is late September 2012, so seems that they are relatively new. I think the way they are treating them on site is clean, easy to read, and overall a great enhancement. Now shoppers can use the reviews in conjunction with the product descriptions to add a “real-person” element to their shopping decision. LOFT has nailed both the quantitative (# of hearts) and qualitative elements (allowing users to create their own headline and description of the item).  Similar to Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy, I love how LOFT has incorporated the reviewer’s age and body type along with their review itself.


I also thought it was helpful that on the left hand side they have advanced filters to narrow which reviews you see, and in addition to an overall star rating, you can see the % of users that recommend this product overall. I definitely read the product reviews when they are available, particularly to decide if I should size up or down, and to get a better sense of the fabric.  Great addition!



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