Timely email follow-up from local deal offering

Just ~4 days ago, I received a Google Offer for 20%-off a purchase of $50 or more at an American Apparel store. Once I clicked through and looked at americanapparel.com to see what types of children’s clothing they sell, I  decided it may be worth my time to go to one of the physical stores in my neighborhood that day to check it out in person.  I went ahead and claimed the Google Offer to use that day (basically once you claim the deal, you can show the cashier the claimed offer on your iphone to get the discount), but I didn’t ultimately redeem it.   I did make a purchase while in the store, but it didn’t make the $50 spending threshold so I couldn’t use the Google Offer.

American Apparel Google Offer


Today, I received the below email from American Apparel which I thought was incredibly clever, given the timing – since I had just interacted with the brand a few days prior.

American Apparel offer

subject: 20% Off Everything! Our Exclusive Deal for You.

A few conclusions:

1) I’m surprised that my interaction with the Google Offer email seemed to trigger this follow-up email from American Apparel (I didn’t realize Google would pass along the email addresses of those people that claimed the Google Offer).  Seems this was the case though.

2) Props to American Apparel for using the information of who claimed the offer (expressing their interest) but didn’t redeem it as a way to target those individuals with an online offer as follow-up.  Since I had interacted with their brand just a few days prior, this definitely felt relevant. While 20%-off isn’t a stellar offer, the email did get my attention and make me feel they were paying attention to my actions.

3) Even though the messaging didn’t quite apply to me (in my case, I actually DID find something I liked while in store, it just didn’t meet the spending threshold), I still found the timing of this follow-up offer impressive and that they mobilized quickly enough to target those who didn’t claim their Google Offer.



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