Old Navy Boyz II Men White Jeans Spot: Memorable!

Not sure if my dear friend Anne Montgomery Cambria was the brains and energy behind the Old Navy White Jeans TV spot I recently saw, but the messaging definitely cut through! Typically, I find the Old Navy TV spots to be nothing short of  cheeky, juvenile, and overall annoying, but this one stood out in a good way.  A few reasons:

  • The use of Boyz II Men as the celebrity talent was great, as it hit home with their target audience (assuming I am in the target as a late 20s/early 30s woman). The song choice instantly conjured a positive association (and fondly remember 7th grade), and made me look at the TV to see if it was the real Boyz II Men performing.  It was ear-catching!
  • The spot focused on a specific product, white jeans. After watching the spot, I knew that I could go to Old Navy and find an assortment of white jeans. They showcased multiple styles (skinny jeans, flare leg, kids) to convey the idea that regardless of your body type, there may be a cut you’re interested in.  Instead of just a “summer styles are here” type messaging, I found the focus on one specific product to be wise and memorable.
  • The price-point was clearly highlighted ($19 for women, $8 for girls). Especially for a seasonal product like white jeans, shoppers likely want to participate in the trend but not spend a fortune on this style. They can so easily get dirty and who knows if you’ll want the same pair next year. Again, very smart in my opinion to not only highlight the availability of the trend, but also display how affordably shoppers can get the product for at Old Navy.

Here it is. What do you think?


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