Mr. Porter addresses the new Gmail filtering

I received the below email from Mr. Porter today.  This was the first retailer email I recall directly addressing the issue that the new Gmail now filters promotional emails into a separate tab.

Mr. Porter email


– Subject line caught my attention to open (“Gmail users: don’t miss out”)

– The ease of how they broke down the user actions into 3 simple steps to follow

– Creatively sleek yet simple, and on-brand

What I’d change:

– Include the benefit to the user of why they should do this. That by doing so, they won’t miss out on sales, etc.

– The main image is not clickable.  It seems that if I click the image, it should take me to the Mr. Porter site.  (Right now, only the header logo is clickable).

I’m curious if Net-a-porter or The Outnet will send emails like this to their user base. Has anyone noticed any other retailers sending similar communication?