What’s App/Snapchat Contest from Rebecca Minkoff

I certainly haven’t seen this done before – Rebecca Minkoff is conducting a giveaway contest exclusively via What’s App and Snapchat.  I first came across this on Instagram, where Rebecca Minkoff has 362,000 followers and posted the below image.

photo 1(1)

I was curious and intrigued since I hadn’t seen this type of interaction from a brand before, so added her to What’s App to see what would happen.  When you add the contact, you see that they added the link to contest rules in their contact info. Then, I started to chat with her curious what would happen and got a response within minutes:

photo 2(1) photo 3(1)


I then clicked over to the URL they provided in their contact info. This was the most friction-filled part of the experience. Since you can’t click directly from the What’s App contact I had to type it into the URL bar.  Even once I was on their blog (RM Edit), I still had to scroll around to find the post about the giveaway.  I then learned more details:

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.35.09 PM

The contest only lasts one day (today, June 3). During the narrow time window, entrants must go to Snapchat to review the Resort collection, take a screenshot of their favorite shot and message it to Rebecca via What’sApp with why they want to win it.  This is one of the more intimate ways I’ve seen a brand interact with their followers.  I imagine that everyone who enters via What’sApp gets a personalized message back from “Rebecca Minkoff” (really her social media team) which is a very high-touch approach. Although there are a lot of steps involved in the contest…those who enter are certainly engaged customers!

Has anyone else seen a brand do a giveaway like this using What’s App or Snapchat?


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